A Parent’s Guide to Improving Your Child’s Mathematics Marks


As parents, you want the most opportunities and positive academic results for your children. You know how much potential your child has and what they can achieve if they really put their minds to it. If your goal is to help your Child succeed with Mathematics so that they can unlock more opportunities in their future, where do you even start ?

Mathematics Lesson with Ma'am Onikoyi - Long Division (The Onikoyi Consortium)
Mathematics Lesson with Ma’am Onikoyi – Long Division (2023)

This Article is a quick and simple guide that will help you to get your Child on the right track. You will also discover how The Onikoyi Consortium can advance your Child’s Mathematics skills, so they can achieve results that truly reflect their capabilities.

Identifying The Problem Areas

When it comes to Mathematics, you may find that your child is good at certain aspects of this subject, but they are faced with specific problem areas that drag down their entire mark. This is why it is so important to start off by identifying your child’s problem areas. From this information, you will be able to focus on the right topics and sectors of Mathematics to improve your child’s overall results.

The great thing about The Onikoyi Consortium Education Department is that your child will be given an initial test that gauges the Mathematical skills they possess and level they are at. In this, they will be asked a variety of questions to see what their understanding levels are for certain areas and topics. As a child, you may struggle to identify where exactly you are going wrong with your Mathematics results, and this test gives us a clear depiction of where you are, what you know, and what you can improve on.

Trying Our Virtual and Digital Tools

In the current Digital and Cyber-Favorable era, it is fundamental to make use of all and any Digital resources available for learning enhancements. The Onikoyi Consortium provides a variety of Virtual & Digital tools that are guaranteed to help your child excel in Mathematics! With regular Online Lessons, Classes, and Seminars that keep your children engaged and interested, they will be able to learn everything from the basics and fundamentals of Mathematics itself, to complex skills that will inspire advanced growth and development in other areas of their lives.

With our round-the-clock “24Hour Support”, which encompasses and includes Teacher/Educator support, as well as Peer support (by integrating a Group with no installed hierarchy system), we boast that our services are guaranteed to make a positive impact on our Students & Learners.

Making Use of Online Content

One of the many great things about exploring online learning is that you can have a wide variety of Resources and Valuable Content, all available to you at just one click away. YouTube, as an example, is a great platform to learn from, as it is both free and extremely convenient.

Explore our YouTube account, Ma’am Onikoyi Teaches, to learn with The Onikoyi Consortium, and grant your child access to a variety of Lessons and Mathematical topics including- Long division, Algebraic factorisation, and Gradient calculation. You yourself can even watch these videos with your children to refresh your “Maths Muscle Memory”, as well as discover how we empower the minds of your children!

In the upcoming 2024 Academic Year, we will be further branching into In-Person & Metaversal Classes and Seminars. For now, explore our Digital & Virtual experiences by Registering with us!

Taking The Initiative

Often as parents, you may find yourself trying to give your kids all the space they need to Learn & Grow independently. Though this is crucial for their development, you should not be afraid to get involved when you can help them better themselves. Parents should have a projected dream as well as an idea of what their child wants and wishes to become in their future, as that will help determine how much assistance and support is required to make it all a favourable reality. There are so many resources attainable online that can make a positive impact on/towards your child’s Education and overall results. It is time to take full advantage of everything available to you and your children.

Using the tools that we have to offer can help you guide your child on a path of better understanding, reasoning, and grading. Though you might think that it’s just a school subject, Mathematics is much more imperative for Skills Development, Growth, and Daily tasks. Mathematics is a Language, a Linguistic medium that is used to express every single aspect of life itself. It’s used in various aspects of professional fields that provide us with informative and concise data. Speedometers, Distance Gauges, and Weather Forecast numbers that are explored at the beginning of a working day require an understanding of Mathematics to fully decipher.

Final Thoughts

Mathematical thinking is such a crucial skill to have as a child and as an adult, and this is why it’s so crucial to put your child’s education first, so they can have the best relationship with Mathematics for now and for their future!

Whether your child struggles with Algebra, Problem-solving, Gradients, Simultaneous Equations, or Graphs- The Onikoyi Consortium Education Department is the perfect solution for them. Enrol now so your children can get the aid and support they need to achieve remarkable and life-changing results.

Feel free to check out some of our YouTube videos, to get a feel of what Onikoyi offers. Let’s start off by getting into some Algebraic Multiplication.

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