Adémide Onikoyi - god


Born in the introductory year to the 21st century, Adémide Onikoyi Ebenezer Mustapha, welcomed as an heir into the Onikoyi Monarchy of Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria- He has since lived and has been raised in the ways, manners and traditions of The Yoruba peoples, in amalgamations with the different parts of the world and corners of the continent of Africa.

As a young boy, Adémide was introduced to the art of adaptation~ A culminative conditioning of perseverance, taught, advised and instilled into the hearts & minds of those born and destined to rule. With an extensive education at his disposal, he took up a comfortable stance in The Arts, Language, Science, Literature, Music, Psychology and Philanthropy among a handful, and his choices have been clear in his expressions as these passions have moulded a persona truly fit for a King.

The first male-born of his kind and generation. Though his life from birth-to-death seemed to be of a pattern already drawn-out by his predecessors, no handbook or guide could truthfully determine what he would become, and all that he would make of the gifts bestowed upon him’ through the lineage he was conceived into.

godhood – The Òrìṣà, a coined term in the Yoruba land, used to describe mortal & immortal deities who through compassion, do the bidding of those under their protection with great, supernatural power. As a blue-blooded descendant, trained, taught and raised in the ways of old, Adémide in his rightfulness bears the nickname (god), to indicate, and to give the world a glimpse into his truly limitless capabilities.

Being a resident of The Republic of South Africa through his teenage years till his earlier 20s, Adémide has made multiple sizeable attempts and contributions, as a token of gratitude to the communities that have accepted and raised him through his dissimilitude.


Known in and around the Gauteng, the Natal & the Western-Cape Provinces of RSA as the Founder, Head Creative & Designer of the 2018 realised, 2019 known, and 2020 publicised Fashion brand, AdéSews & AdéSews Africa.


1 of the 5 hosting heads in-charge of the widely acclaimed’ 2020 No.1 Podcasting show in Southern AfricaAiredG. Alongside his affiliating associates ~Tlholohelo Mekoa, James Masemola, Tinashe Kaitano & Zangothando Kubheka; Adémide Onikoyi cemented his presence in the world of Media & Podcasting with witty comments, untrademarked phrases, and of’course, insightful yet unbiased takes on matters that plague the world at large, further aiding in the spread of listeners to corners of the globe including Poland, Botswana, The United Kingdom and Bolivia among many others.


He is also recognisable as The Author, orator, and editorial specialist of the 2022 Digital Best-sellers “Kalopsia : The Curse” & “Kalopsia : The DigiBook”, alongside his co-Author and old friend, Creative – Ukhona Zwide. Published by The Onikoyi Consortium Digital Publishers © 2022.

Digital signature of Adémide Onikoyi (god)

My godhood is as much my curse, as it is my salvation.

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