Rodney Doxa

Born in Congo DRC, and raised in the Republic of South Africa.

With both his Uncle & Brother being Artists, he had a dream, of being as great at creating as they were, and from High-school through to further education, he always took to the Creation of the art as a point of solace as it was indeed Therapeutic for him. For every emotion he conferred with during his long Creation processes, there was a reward attached to it – Getting to know and understand his own self even better.

Allowing his challenges to shape and reshape his art, it was like a revelation when he came to identify and understand his ultimate wish “Contributing to bettering the Human-Art experience. This realisation shifted his perspective & mode of expression, as well as his artistic processes. Linking himself to the Knowledge of a Passer-by getting an intended experience from his work with a Dopamine line, he allows himself to create more for not just the sake of Creating but for the sake of changing the life of another.

His art form became his front against the calamity of the world around as it provided him with a sense of calmness not found anywhere else. From the collection of Newspapers which he uses as canvases to the cleaning and cutting in preparation, he joins 2 genres of art; Pop & Collage art into one. This is his Revisiting and Reinvention of things from an era past, in attempts at shedding a newer and brighter light on them.

Comic-books also played quite the part in his art creations, as the iterations of expressions, put on paper through ink, helped through resemblance by aligning with what he wanted to show people and how he wanted to show them. The facades we all wear to get through our days are only shone on when the lights are off, and that’s what he wanted people to see, that’s what he aimed to draw a comforting similarity between.

Having done a show called the Balfour Mall Art Showcase in the Republic of South Africa, in November of 2021, Rodney Doxa is as accomplished as any artist needs be at the start of their upwards facing career.

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