We know what you’re thinking… And NO, they’re really NOT Skirts.

What actually is a Poncho

Poncho knitwear

A Poncho, or a Cowl is an outer garment of knitwear accessory designed specifically to keep the Body warm, while still allowing for the freedom of movement to continue working comfortably as it is made of thick pieces of woollen thread materials, knitted and or crocheted together.

TRIVIA: Ponchos are worn on the upper body [Torso], and they balance off of the clavicle, neck and the shoulders.

How to wear the Cowls

Poncho 3 knitwear

Taking into account that the Poncho/Cowl is to ward off the cold, it is to be worn over a shirt, around the neck, under a jacket or on its own. The primary function is fighting against cold while still allowing for freedom of movement, so it serves the purpose that a scarf, turtleneck, jacket or robe serves… without the hassle OfCourse.

TRIVIA: The warmth felt off of crocheted wears is the same warmth we get off of our Gran’mas.

How to know which one is ours

Poncho 2 knitwear

Our Ponchos, Cowls and all knit-wears are handmade with love by our in-house Maximums & Grannies. For every unique combination made, a bow knotted from recyclable leather is strung on to add the extra love and touch of warmth. Look out for the bow- it truly is as warm & welcoming as a Granny’s hug.

” With Time, Effort and Love; Each Poncho, Cowl or Neck-warmer that I make is completely unique and like no-other, with colours so vibrant, it’s guaranteed to bring you warmth and even brighten up your darker, colder mornings…”


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